Cool Australia – Learn For Life.

How will the funds be used?

Your donation will assist us to expand our education resources for teachers and students. We deliver real-world understanding of our environment and sustainability to the leaders of tomorrow.

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For every $250 donated you will be educating an entire classroom for a year – the environmental challenges we face, the solutions at hand and how students can get involved.

Whilst Cool Australia does cover other areas of sustainability (social and economic) our online fundraising activities solely support our environmental work.

Cool Australia has more than 140,000 educator members reaching more than 2.3 million students.

The Cool Australia curriculum writing team provides complete units of work that can simply be downloaded from our website and taken straight to the classroom.

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Key areas of expenditure:

The key area of expenditure is in development and regular updating of online content and resources. Less than 5% is spent on administration.