Dear Principal,

Like most parents, I am very concerned for the future of our communities and how this will affect my child and their children. It seems that most of us are under-educated when it comes to understanding that our natural world is our life support system.

If we are unable to sustain our society, environment and our economy, then our jobs, our families and our way of life becomes unsustainable.

This leads me to the education of my child. I have recently become aware of the award winning teacher resource and digital library – Cool Australia. They are doing some great work helping teachers to get social, economic and environmental sustainability understandings into Australian classrooms.

Cool Australia is a not for profit organisation that provides curriculum-linked resources for teachers and students. The website is really easy to use and packed with learning activities, units of work, videos, images, documentaries and other tools for teachers and students to work with. More than 70,000 Australian educators use the website to download classroom lessons.

Please find below some interesting links that support my experience:

Cool Australia website:

Enviroweek (run by Cool Australia) website:

The Story of Cool Australia:

Article on Cool Australia:

I would like to talk with you you to discuss how we can get the Cool Australia resources into the school’s curriculum. Alternatively, please contact Cool Australia directly on 1300 853 810 or

Yours sincerely,