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SV imageResourceSmart AuSSI Vic – helping your school embed sustainability into everything it does

ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic is a Victorian Government initiative delivered by Sustainability Victoria in partnership with the Department of Education and Early Childhood. The initiative supports schools to create a culture of sustainability by minimising waste, reducing energy and water costs, and improving biodiversity. It also recognises and rewards the great work of schools through the ResourceSmart Schools Awards and Sustainability Certification.

It is a fantastic time to register for this terrific program. 244 new schools have got on board over the past 18 months, over 1000 schools are involved to date and there is support from your local ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Consortia as well as a new online system – ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic is now better than ever!

As part of Cool Australia’s continual support of the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic program, our team of curriculum writers are busy beavering away preparing ready-made classroom resources to help support teachers audit their schools’ resource use. These resources have been produced through the collaboration of leading facilitators and key organisations. The result will be lessons that:

  • Are aligned with the Australian Curriculum
  • Support literacy and numerous skill building
  • Support teachers in ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic certification 
  • Are mapped to checklist compulsory actions and data goals
  • Help teachers connect to external organisations that can support their sustainability journey. 

Cool Australia would like to acknowledge the support of CERES, Greening Australia, Planet Savers, VAEE and Metropolitan Waste Management Group.

Stay tuned for more information about the curriculum release date!

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ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic online system

Sustainability Victoria is excited to launch the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic online system. The system now replaces the School Environment Tracking System (SETS) for ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic schools and will be released in three stages during Semester 1, 2014.

There are two main components to the system – a public and a secure site.

The first component is a public site designed for the whole Victorian school community to use – principals, teachers, students, parents, education for sustainability providers, business managers, school boards/councils and governments.

The second component is a secure site developed for ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic schools. The online system will help schools that are using the framework to:

  • manage their data 
  • track improvements (and therefore savings) over time
  • gain formal recognition for their achievements through Sustainability Certification
  • share information, tools, curriculum and resources
  • implement AusVELS (through the sharing of curriculum materials).

Each ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic school now has an active account and all data has been migrated across to the online system from SETS. If you require further assistance to access your account contact us at [email protected]

Training sessions for schools will be held in February and March 2014 and information about these sessions will be sent to schools from your regional consortia. If you have any questions or would like further information email [email protected]


Energy Efficiency Grants 

SV 3Applications open for Phase 2 of the Energy Efficiency Grants for Victorian Schools Program. The Victorian Government grants are designed to support schools that are new to ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic. Schools can apply for a government grant of up to $10,000 to reduce and manage their energy consumption and embed sustainability into their whole school program.

Schools that are new to the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic framework are eligible to apply. A ‘new’ school is any school (or campus of a multi-campus school site) that:

  • as of December 2011 is not registered as a ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic school
  • has not received state, federal or local government funding to participate in ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic since 2008.
  • Eligible schools will be granted funding only once under this program – schools that applied in Phase 1 need not apply.

The grants program is a partnership between the Department of Early Education and Childhood Development (DEECD) and Sustainability Victoria. For guidelines and an application form go to the DEECD Energy Efficiency Grants Program web page.

For more information contact Mary Oztasci, DEECD Sustainability Education Coordinator via email [email protected] or phone 9637 2064


ResourceSmart Schools Awards 2014

Get ready for a very exciting ResourceSmart Schools Awards 2014! Our theme for this year is “Ideas + action = change”. It will be an action packed awards year full of new ideas and ways to celebrate school sustainability successes.

Sustainability Victoria’s ResourceSmart Schools Awards reward and recognise Victorian schools, students and teachers for their outstanding achievements across various areas of sustainability including water, waste, energy, biodiversity and community leadership.

The ResourceSmart Schools Awards is the largest sustainability awards program for Victorian primary and secondary schools.

The ResourceSmart Schools Awards 2014 program key dates are:

  • awards entries open on 21 March and close on 4 July 2014.
  • awards event will be held on 8 September 2014.

Schools will be contacted with more information about the ResourceSmart Schools Awards 2014.