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Author: Holly
Date: March 3rd 2015

teabagHundreds of cups of tea and coffee are sipped by teachers across Australia each day. But before your school throws tea bags and coffee grounds in the compost bin or worm farm, here are some ways to reuse them.

Coffee Grounds


Get Rid of Bugs and Cats

Coffee is said to repeal both insects and cats from your garden:

  • Try sprinkling coffee grounds in areas of ant infestations inside the home. You can also use coffee to deter garden pests like snails and slugs.
  • If your worried about kitties coming into your garden, try a sprinkling orange peels and coffee grounds in trouble areas.

Make Your Garden Flourish

Coffee grounds are great to nourish and mulch garden soil because of the natural acidity and nutrients they can provide. Try them on your roses and hydrangeas.


Turn your used coffee grounds into a facial exfoliant. It’s really easy, just mix your coffee grounds with a little coconut oil and some brown sugar. Play around with amounts of each until you’re happy with the consistency. Use in the shower and enjoy!

Tea Leaves



Dried tea leaves are great for deodorising pet smells. Sprinkle dried tea leaves in kitty litter boxes, pet beds dog houses… or any other problem areas to get rid of unpleasant odours.

Clean the House

Tea leaves are excellent for deodorising carpets. Sprinkle them around your carpeted areas and leave them to sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum up.

Make Your Fridge Less Stinky

Place a few dried green tea bags in an open container in the fridge to get rid of any bad smells.


Tea bags are great for beauty. Place them on puffy eyes to bring swelling down or you can also wipe damp tea bags gently on your face as a toner.


Many thanks to 1 Million Women for these awesome ideas.