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Australian documentary The Final Quarter captures a period from 2013-2015 focusing on leading

Sydney Swans AFL player Adam Goodes in the final years of his football career.



About the Film

Adam Goodes is a champion AFL footballer and Indigenous leader who became a lightning rod for an intense public debate and widespread media commentary that divided the nation. During the last three years of his career, Goodes was named Australian of the Year, accused of staging for free kicks, and performed an on-field war dance celebration. When the football crowds turned on him, the Brownlow medallist left his beloved game. Director Ian Darling’s film is crafted using only archival footage aired at the time, which has been expertly edited. The result is a powerful film that holds a mirror to Australia and suggests we reconsider what happened on and off the football field.


Adam Goodes Racism

Listening, learning and reflecting

Cool Australia is producing 25 lessons for year levels 5-12 that investigate the issues of racism, truth-telling, cultural pride, resilience, mental health, respect and dignity.

Through the lessons, students will learn about taking responsibility for their words, actions and attitudes towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the importance of rejecting racism in all its forms. They will develop skills in active, conscious and reflective listening and communication, along with gaining an understanding of the Five Dimensions of Reconciliation

Students will also gain essential skills around building critical awareness of other people’s contexts and histories and engaging with diverse perspectives in a respectful, thoughtful way. 



What is racism


Lesson Content & Resources

Cool Australia’s education resources are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority. Lessons will explore the story of Adam Goodes and provide real-world, hands-on, unique and engaging learning experiences that challenge students to look deeply into belonging, equity and positive race relations. 

Each lesson is custom designed by our education team using exclusive content from The Final Quarter and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community resources. Teachers are provided with additional materials to support their knowledge and confidence in delivering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content; and lessons have been reviewed and informed by professionals in the fields of human rights, reconciliation and psychology to ensure best practice in safety and cultural awareness. Social Action lessons will provide students with an opportunity to explore community engagement protocols and participate in activities that allow them to practise skills learned.

Materials and resources supplied:

  • Video content
  • Detailed classroom activities
  • Discussion frameworks
  • Worksheets and factsheets
  • Relevant contextual information
  • Advice and resources for further learning

Cool Units launching September


Watching the Film – Years 5-12

Health and Physical Education – Years 7-10

Further units will be released monthly.


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