Cool Australia – Supporting Teachers to Make Change!

Thea Stinear – General Manager

Thea has decided her life to improve the education sector. She joined not-for-profit Cool Australia almost a decade ago as she knew that digital resources would greatly improve the lives of teachers and students.

These free, curriculum-aligned, cutting-edge, evidence-based resources have helped educate 3.6 million students on human rights and sustainability issues.

Being Cool’s General Manager, Thea manages the day to day and the strategic direction of the company, from helping teachers become creators of exceptional learning all the way to expanding the business into India. She works with a dedicated bunch of exceptional humans to change the lives of teachers and students. Without the Cool Crew, none of the impact and reach could have been achieved. 



10 Years Ago

  • 4,500 members
  • 4,186 schools
  • 160 real-world lesson plans
  • 0 Professional Development
  • 5 team members  
  • 515,000 hours saved in teacher preparation time    


  • 187,000 members
  • 8,401 schools
  • 1,820 real-world lesson plans
  • 52 Professional Development 
  • 13 team members
  • 8.8 million hours saved in teacher preparation

Impact On Young People





Increase in Awareness
and Knowledge
Change in Attitude and Outlook
on Issues
Improvement in
Critical Thinking Skills
Increase in Preparedness
to Act

More About Cool Australia


Our Vision

Our Purpose


Our vision is for young people to grow up happy, healthy, informed and empowered with the skills to help tackle our greatest global and local challenges, creating a better world for all.

Our purpose is to provide cutting-edge education to enable young people and our planet to thrive.



Read more about our impact here.

Cool Solution

The Challenge





Of students leave school before the end of their final year Of teachers find their workload unmanageable Of teachers use Google to find resources Of teachers work outside their area of expertise

Theory of Change 

100% Evidence-Based Program

As part of our continued commitment to evaluation and transparency, Cool commissioned Lonergan Research to independently quantify our reach and measure the learning and social impacts of our resources on teachers and students.

This research confirmed a substantial increase in both reach and social impact compared to previous research in 2017.

Every Cool lesson downloaded is:

  • Shared with 2.2 other teachers
  • Used in 2.3 classes per teacher
  • Taught to 22.2 students per class

These usage metrics mean that each single downloaded Cool lesson reaches an average of 133 students.