Amazing ideas are born from dreams!

This contest encourages and inspires creative expression and imagination, challenging the boundaries of traditional thinking. Lessons are designed to assist teachers in developing creative thinking with content covering environmental and social topics.

Students can choose to enter their artwork into the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest and be in the running to win a $2500 Officeworks voucher for the school or daycare centre, as well as a $2500 voucher for themselves from JB Hi Fi or Flight Centre!

There are also some amazing prizes from Faber-Castell for schools who submit the most entries – check out the details below for more information. 


How do the lessons work with the contest?


This unit includes a range of lessons that allow teachers to choose the best way to introduce the contest into the class.

Teachers can choose to keep the lessons broad, focusing on creative thinking or centre lesson content around environmental or social topics. 

Lessons culminate in the creation of an artwork which students can choose to enter into the contest. 

Ready to inspire your students?

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Share your students’ progress with the rest of the world and challenge their creativity at the same time. 


Students can use the #toyotadreamcar hashtag to see what students around the world are up-to and share their own
dream cars. 


Not sure how to get started, keep an eye on our social media to see what is happening in other classrooms


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About the contest:


Students wishing to enter the competition are required to draw or paint a picture of what they imagine their dream car will look like. There are three age categories:

  • under 8s
  • 8 to 11
  • 12 to 15

The top three place-getter winners in each of the three age segments will be chosen and one of these lucky students will be selected by the judges as the ‘Australian Dream Car Contest Champion’. This contestant will receive their choice of a $2,500 voucher from JB HiFi, Flight Centre or Officeworks.


School Prizes

The winning contestant’s School or Early Learning Centre will also receive a $2,500 Officeworks Voucher. Top three place getters will receive a $275 Visa Voucher (8 in total).

In addition if your school is one of the top 3 schools to submit the most entries, Toyota will send you a fantastic thank you pack with Faber-Castell items including Classic Colour pencils (300), Watercolour pencils (300), Jumbo Twist Crayons (144) and much more, all valued at over $600.

Download the Teachers Guide and Entry Form.  Competition closes  1 MARCH 2020. Visit the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest website for more information and full terms and conditions. 


Check out some of last years entries – we love the creative thinking!


The Toyota Dream Car Art Contents is held for children all of the world to dream, imagine and inspire. Since 2004, Toyota has been inspiring over 6.2 million children from 100 countries to dream.  Toyota encourages students to believe in a dream and the power of imagination, connecting to the world through their dream cars.

Imagine you had the power to change the future. 


Primary Schools:

Foundation to Year 2


Visual Arts, Design & Technologies

HASS & Visual Arts

Toyota Dream Car Competition 
Years F to 2 

Explore the concept of dreams and aspiration with students and why it is important to dream.

Caring for our Favourite Places 
Years F to 2

Develop communication, creative thinking and problem solving skills by explores students sense of place and and environment. 

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Year 3 to Year 6


Visual Arts, Design & Technologies

HASS & Visual Arts

English, HASS & Visual Arts

Science & Visual Arts

Toyota Dream Car Competition
Years 3 to 6

Explore the concept of dreams and aspiration with students and why it is important to dream.

Exploring Natural Resources
Years 3 to 4

Explore the term ‘natural resource’, what it means and how they are used, before imagining a car that could help protect and conserve natural resources.

Illustrating a story
Years 3 to 4

Investigate how the world can be conveyed through stories and understand how imagery can be used within a story. 

Dream Car Adaptations
Years 5 to 6

Explore role of dreaming in planning for the future through an in-depth look at the intent of previous entries. 

HASS & Visual Arts








A Dream Car for A Dream Job
Years 5 to 6

Investigate what work is, the different jobs people have and create a dream car representing their dream job.




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Secondary lessons:

Years 7 to 12 specialist units forward planning 


Visual Arts, Design & Technologies

Science & Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts, Design & Technologies

Toyota Dream Car Competition
Years 7 to 10

Explore the concept of dreams and aspiration with students by examining previous winners and analysing their artistic messages. 

Using Resources Sustainably
Years 7 to 8

Review sustainability, investigate natural resources and how we use them before designing a dream car that can help people use resources more sustainably.

One dream car in the style of another Years 7 to 8

Analyse and compare the visual representations of favourite artworks, identify a message and create a dream car artwork that incorporates this message.

Using biomimicry to design a dream car Years 7 to 8

Investigate biomimicry as a design principle and design a dream car that incorporates features inspired by nature. .

Visual Arts


Dream Car with a message
Years 9 to 10

Explores how art can be used to communicate important social and environmental messages. 



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