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The Beyond the Bushfires series brings the words of scientists who are actively involved in research and science communication into classrooms all over Australia. Students will explore evidence-based research embedded in the context of real-world practice.

These lessons draw on the Flora, Fauna, Fire interactive produced by The Conversation detailing conservation efforts in the aftermath of bushfires, and The 119, the priority list of species the Bushfire Recovery Expert Panel recommended were in need of immediate intervention.


These lessons have been developed in partnership with The Conversation. The Conversation’s mission is to be known as a prominent and trusted publisher of new thinking and evidence-based research, editorially independent and free of commercial or political bias. The Conversation hopes teachers will use their content as a source of truthful information, and that teachers can show their students the importance of trusted, evidence-based information in understanding the world around them and making informed decisions about their actions. Please follow the republishing guidelines when using The Conversation’s articles.


Additional thanks to the Ian Potter Foundation, John T Reid Charitable Trusts and The Myer Foundation, for generously supporting the development of these lessons.