These activities use mindful breathing techniques to teach kids how to shift emotional states. This is a practice that can be used to settle kids and foster calm and focussed attention. These practices can also be incorporated into everyday life as a way to lessen anxiety and relieve stress amongst kids and their families. These activities have be... Read more »

Finding Out

Students will need to obtain more information about the issues they are going to investigate. They can identify questions of interest and research these either in small groups or on their own. Once information is gathered, it can be shared using chosen communication methods e.g. short presentations. Students can continue finding out by completing a range of investigations, including gathering data. They use appropriate methods to present and communicate what they have found out.

  1. Breath Circle – Space – Learn@Home
    Breath Circle – Space – [email protected]
  2. Breath Circle – Wind – Learn@Home
    Breath Circle – Wind – [email protected]
  3. Breath Circle – Water – Learn@Home
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