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This Design Thinking unit has been developed in partnership with Visy. For over 70 years Visy has been committed to finding sustainable solutions for Australia’s recyclables and helping to reduce local landfills. Visy collects, receives and sorts paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, steel and aluminium from households, businesses and schools with the purpose of reusing these products in the re-manufacture of new packaging products.

The Design Thinking approach is one used by designers to generate new ideas to solve problems. It involves conducting research, developing ideas, prototyping and refining ideas to produce a solution that is valued by stakeholders and consumers.

This Design Thinking unit follows a process that cycles through five stages:

  1. Empathise: Develop an understanding of the challenge and research
  2. Define: Synthesise and interpret information and develop the challenge questions
  3. Ideate: Develop and refine ideas in response to the problems/issues identified
  4. Prototype: Create prototypes, gather feedback, evaluate and re-prototype
  5. Test: Implement and reflect upon changed ideas, track change and continue to develop.