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The Global Problem Solvers are a team of teenage superheroes taking on our world’s toughest problems. Developed by Cisco, this animated series supports your students through the steps of becoming problem-solving superheroes. The series uses real-world problems to support students in identifying and solving problems, in thinking about how technology can be used to solve seemingly intractable problems, and in recognising opportunities for positive social change. In addition, each member of the Global Problem Solvers team exemplifies an attribute conducive to creating innovative solutions to social problems.

This unit focuses on Season 2 of the Global Problem Solvers and shows students how social innovation can benefit even the most developed areas – in this case, a city in Florida, USA, where a hurricane has caused serious damage to schools. The lessons guide students through the process of finding and understanding a problem, designing a solution for this problem, thinking about the opportunities and challenges associated with their solution, conceiving technological options that could be used to support their solution, and the steps to bring the solution to life in a way that supports local communities.

Cool Australia has produced another unit for Season 1 of the Global Problem Solvers, you can find the unit here: Cisco Global Problem Solvers – HASS – Years 3 & 4.

These lessons have been developed in partnership with Cisco. Cisco believes that our future will be defined by global problem solvers – global citizens ready to thrive in a connected and digital future by thinking like entrepreneurs, innovating like technologists, and acting as agents of social change.