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ClimateWatch is a citizen science initiative that seeks to educate people from across Australia on the issue of climate change and empower them to contribute to solutions. Through the program, users collect phenological data on a range of species and in doing so, help shape the country’s scientific response to climate change. Using a dedicated mobile app and web platform, ClimateWatch is self-directed and can be used by anyone, anywhere in Australia. By incorporating ClimateWatch into curriculum, students and teachers will become more knowledgeable about climate change and its impacts, and inspired to contribute to scientific output and environmental efforts in their daily lives or future career path.

In this unit, students work to create a school biodiversity trail inspired by the ClimateWatch Trails. The aim of this unit is to create a school biodiversity trail that can be used by students at your school, both now and in the future. There is considerable work in creating this trail and all the information required to participate in biodiversity surveys along the trail: this could be completed as a term-long project. Once the trail is established and supporting materials have been created, students could complete Lesson 1 and participate in a single biodiversity survey along the trail which could be completed in the course of one lesson.

This unit has been designed to be taught in either Geography or Science. To further enhance the learnings from this unit for students, consider teaching this as a cross-curricula unit of work.

The lessons in this unit have been developed in partnership with Earthwatch. ClimateWatch was developed by Earthwatch with the Bureau of Meteorology and The University of Melbourne to understand how changes in temperature and rainfall are affecting the seasonal behaviour of Australia’s plants and animals.