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What’s so cool about ‘cool burning’? In this learning unit, your students will investigate the way that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land managers conduct controlled burns during the cool season of Australia’s tropical savanna regions. These land managers are also sharing their knowledge with scientists so that everyone can care for Country. 

In this exciting unit, we will explore and develop an understanding of new concepts, then use and consolidate that new knowledge to reach conclusions about cool burning.

“What is wonderful about this curriculum is that it teaches the importance of Indigenous knowledge in land management which has existed throughout history and which continues today. This teaching tool will build students’ understanding of the cultural, spiritual, economical and environmental benefits that this knowledge brings to both the people and the landscape in which we all live.” – Michael Looker, The Nature Conservancy

Cool Australia would like to acknowledge the support of the Bennelong Foundation in updating these lessons.

The photos in this unit are from the book ‘Fire and the Story of Burning Country’. To purchase a copy, visit