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galah with mobile phoneThe eSafety For Kids education package includes a School Facilitation Guide to support a whole-school approach and a Take It Home Resource Pack for parents/caregivers. These resources support six eSafety lessons exploring topics such as consent, grooming, catfishing and sexting.

This unit will be most effective if completed in sequence, as follows:

  1. Know The Internet
  2. You Decide
  3. Feeling Fishy Online
  4. Express Yourself Safely
  5. My Social Brain
  6. Cleaning Up

School staff and parents/caregivers can find additional support by undertaking the free online course, Teaching Consent to Children and referring to the scenario-specific Teacher Factsheets and/or Parent Factsheets.

The eSafety for Kids education package was developed in consultation with a team of experts, including a child and adolescent psychologist, education specialist, teachers, parents and in reference to the latest research and guidelines (at time of publication). It is designed to align with the recommendations in the Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education (eSafety Commissioner).

The images for this eSafety for Kids package are sourced from The Tweeting Galah book series and used with permission from Kim Maslin.