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In this unit, students use the context of a contemporary zoo to explore the rich topics of animal ethics and welfare. Students will have the opportunity to explore their understanding of the work of zoos before critically investigating the practices of zoos, both nationally and internationally. These lessons also include a factsheet that will allow your class to collaboratively plan their trip to the zoo, empowering students to lead their own learning during the excursion. 

You may choose to teach the lessons in this unit in a sequence shown below, as a double lesson that includes the tuning in lesson followed by one of the finding out lessons, or as a single lesson in isolation. 

This unit is designed to be used in conjunction with a visit to one of Zoos Victoria’s sites; however, lessons can be adapted to be used with a range of zoo and animal conservation settings local to your school. 

These lessons have been developed in partnership with Zoos Victoria. Zoos Victoria is a zoo-based conservation organisation whose mission is to fight extinction and support Victorians to be the world’s most wildlife friendly community through being caring, informed and active. Zoos Victoria operate three zoos: Werribee Open Range Zoo, Melbourne Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary. Click here to find out more about Zoos Victoria and their work on fighting extinction.