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These lessons were produced in partnership with Down Syndrome Australia. Their purpose is to influence social and policy change, provide a national profile and voice for people living with Down syndrome, and to build resources and the knowledge capacity of the state and territory Down syndrome associations. They work collaboratively with the state and territory Down syndrome associations to achieve their vision of an Australia where people living with Down syndrome are valued, reach their potential and enjoy social and economic inclusion.

The Down Syndrome Australia website has a wealth of resources to support schools and educators. These resources give a voice to those with Down syndrome and allow the community to build more understanding and awareness. The video below is an example of the type of resource you will find here: What Is Inclusion? (

Want to do more?
Encourage your school to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21. With a support package already developed, this is simple and easy to do and can have a huge impact on developing inclusivity and celebrating diversity in your school.

Down Syndrome Community Inclusion Toolkits