Get your students outside undertaking audits! This is a great way to collect baseline data for managing your schools resources efficiently. It is also a great way to engage your students in authentic learning that has real life application. These classroom audit lessons are designed to increase student learning outcomes, specifically through numer... Read more »

Tuning in

A tuning in activity helps students to define and focus on the issues they will be dealing with in the unit of work.

  1. AuSSI Ecological Footprint – Secondary
    AuSSI Ecological Footprint – Secondary

Finding Out

Students will need to obtain more information about the issues they are going to investigate. They can identify questions of interest and research these either in small groups or on their own. Once information is gathered, it can be shared using chosen communication methods e.g. short presentations. Students can continue finding out by completing a range of investigations, including gathering data. They use appropriate methods to present and communicate what they have found out.

  1. AuSSI Energy Audit – Secondary
    AuSSI Energy Audit – Secondary
  2. AuSSI Transport Audit – Secondary
    AuSSI Transport Audit – Secondary
  3. AuSSI Waste Audit – Secondary
    AuSSI Waste Audit – Secondary
  4. AuSSI Litter Audit – Secondary
    AuSSI Litter Audit – Secondary
  9. AuSSI Biodiversity Audit – Secondary
    AuSSI Biodiversity Audit – Secondary
  10. AuSSI Native Animal Identification – Secondary
    AuSSI Native Animal Identification – Secondary
  11. AuSSI Water Use Audit – Secondary
    AuSSI Water Use Audit – Secondary
  12. AuSSI Stormwater Audit – Secondary
    AuSSI Stormwater Audit – Secondary

Additional Activities for this Unit of Work

These activities are not part of this unit of work, however they may be useful as additions if you have the time.