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In Australia, we began addressing the issue of waste in the 1960s and ’70s with litter campaigns like Keep Australia Beautiful and Tidy Town Awards. With such a long history of waste reduction campaigns, you would think we had got on top of the waste issue; however, as the recent recycling crisis shows, we’re still trying to solve the issue of waste in Australia.

Confusion about what to do with waste and how to avoid it combined with increasingly distressing news stories about the impact of waste on our environment can lead to a sense of despair. Digging deeply into this topic and finding out about real-world examples of what you can do is crucial to empowering people and addressing this despair.

This unit has been developed in partnership with Lune Media, and with support from the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network. The lessons in this unit have been designed to lead students through a deeper understanding of some of the big issues relating to waste in Australia and to support them to take action in their schools and communities to reduce the impact of waste on our environment. 

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