A new take on Health, Physical Education and Fitness: Primary Students Years 3 – 6

We are proud to present these teaching resources to support the Volkswagen Footy Fit schools program!

These lessons are more than just a workout, kids can learn about how their body works, how to care for their muscles and what they need to do to be fit.

Using the Volkswagen Footy Fit program, you can engage students in health and wellbeing topics in a whole new way, exploring both physical and emotional wellbeing.


This Unit is fully gamified!

Your students will enjoy collecting tokens as they complete learning activities during this unit. By completing the basics in every lesson, all students will earn enough tokens to qualify for a participation certificate. For those wanting extra credit, there’s plenty of opportunities to extend their knowledge around Healthy Habits, Healthy Mindset, Physical Skills and Body Knowledge to earn a position of responsibility in the class team or even win a Rising Star Award for filling their entire stadium!


Footy Fit Education Resources Years 3 to 6

Your Footy Fit Challenge

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures 
Track your learning in four components – Healthy Habits, Healthy Mindset, Body Knowledge, Physical Skills. Gather a support team to help you achieve your goals.

How Do I Get Fit?

Examine how your body works and how cells use food for fuel. Students will investigate the different kinds of workouts along with their training purposes and understand the risk of injury and disease. 

Heart And Lungs
– HPE, Science

Students look at the physiology of the heart and lungs and how oxygen works in the body. They can build a model of their lungs out of recycled materials and work on some breathing exercises. 


Examine how the body converts different foods into energy and fats. Explore the role of different categories of foods and nutrients and how they can help prevent injury and disease. Students can create their own healthy lunchbox.

The Mechanical Body

How do muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments work together and provide mobility? Students learn about injury and recovery – looking at the RICE treatment method.

Applied Movement

Students learn how to train their muscles to achieve specific movement goals. They will investigate the importance of warming up, strengthening and stretching and how these affect strength, agility and technique. 

Stay In Control
– HPE & Drama

Students explore mental strength. They learn about controlling your mindset and the importance of a healthy mindset to overall health and wellbeing.

Diversity Strengthens Teams

Students investigate how personal strengths and weaknesses make each individual unique and how a coach uses this diversity to create winning teams. Students get the opportunity to leverage their strengths through a game.

Routines and Habits

Students take part in a nature walk to connect to their local environment. They demonstrate their prior knowledge of ecosystems by contributing to a class mural. 

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With Thanks to our Partners

Cool Australia’s Footy Fit lessons have been developed in partnership with the Sydney Swans and with support from Volkswagen.