Over recent years, the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has been heavily promoted and discussed within fields of education. This has been within the context of ensuring that the next generation of students are provided with relevant knowledge and skills for the 21st century. STEM acknowledges the importance of the interrelated nature of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and the prominence of these skills in a world of continuous technological advancement.

What was missing from this original acronym, however, was an acknowledgement of the vital importance of artistic and creative thinking. The ability to think outside the box to develop artistic and creative solutions.

Many figures involved in science and technological advancement (notably Leonardo DaVinci, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs) valued and applied the contribution of artistic skill into their work. Art and design is also important in other industries such as marketing, advertising and promotion. The relevance of art is integral to success in all of the original STEM areas, and so STEAM education is now moving to the forefront.

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