2020 Planning Ideas  


Start the year dreaming!

Amazing ideas are born from dreams, so this contest encourages and inspires creative expression and imagination, challenging the boundaries of traditional thinking. Lessons are designed to assist teachers in developing creative thinking with content covering environmental and social topics.

With prizes available for schools or day care centres, as well as individual students, the Toyota Dream Car Contest is a great way to start the year, adding a little incentive for students to challenge themselves. 

   Suitable for all year levels    
   Entries close 1 March 2020  


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Early Learning Summer Themes
Creative sustainability, learning through investigation and outdoor play are great ways to settle the kids into a new environment, encourage friendships, reduce stress and just have fun. Here are some of our favourites to keep your kids busy during the start of 2020.

        Creative Sustainability                 Love Food – Love Seeds                      Outdoor Learning            

Children who are connected to their world and their environment are more likely to take action to care for it later in life. We have lessons aligned to the Australian Curriculum to help you start tuning in your class in 2020. 


This unit focuses on students exploring the amazing world of seeds, using play and exploration to find out where the plants that rely on in our food system begin.


Nature and outdoor learning are great for developing fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication and language skills, and they let kids have fun while they do it!


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Primary Teachers 
Plan to tackle some real-world topics in 2020, including new lesson releases in Culture, Sustainability and Health.




         Creative Sustainability        

Foundation – Year 2, Year 3 & 4, Years 5 & 6

     The Social & Economic Impact of Sugar   

Years 5 & 6

             The Final Quarter            

ALL LESSONS Years 5 & 6 

Children who are connected to their world and their environment are more likely to take action to care for it later in life. In these activities, children will explore key themes around sustainability through creativity.


This unit investigates the industries adding sugar to our food and drink. Developed for older students and primarily aligned with the HASS curriculum, this unit helps teachers to introduce the economics around processed food and drinks.

Available February 2020 


These lessons support teachers and students in exploring the key themes of Australian documentary THE FINAL QUARTER. 

In planning these lessons, we have consulted with experts in human rights, reconciliation and psychology to ensure they promote emotional safety and cultural awareness. 

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Secondary Teachers

Access the latest documentaries to bring the real world into your classroom. With lessons to cover most subjects at multiple year levels, these specialist documentaries will get your class talking and understanding how classroom learning can translate to real life. 


  Image result for in my blood it runs"

            Life After the Oasis              

Years 9 & 10


            The Final Quarter            

Years 7 to 12


     In My Blood it Runs – Coming Soon  

Years 9 & 10

Cool Australia has designed a suite of Year 9 & 10 English, Mathematics, Civics and Citizenship and HPE lessons to support students to safely and meaningfully engage with Life After The Oasis.  

Check out the lessons currently available and what we have planned for release in 2020. Explore issues such as identity, racism, constitutional recognition and media influence.
Further Civics and Citizenship, English and Media lessons to be released early in 2020.


A new set of lessons surrounding acclaimed documentary In My Blood it Runs is due for release in February 2020.  Lessons will cover English, Film Studies and Social Action.

Find out more about the film and its makers.


New lessons in development

In 2019, SugarByHalf partnered with Cool Australia to launch a series of Primary and Secondary lessons focused on the economy, mathematics and the social impact of sugar in food. 

Our next set of lessons are currently in development, and will highlight the oral health impacts of sugar. 

   YEARS 9 & 10  

   Available February 2020  


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