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We totally get it! It can be tricky to come up with new and engaging lesson ideas when time is in short supply.

So, we’ve set up this handy page, filled to the brim with ideas that are quick and easy to incorporate in your planning and are choc-full of action-based learning. You might event like to save this page to your bookmarks; we’ll be updating it every month!

Teaching eSafety and Cyber Safety for Kids

This package of resources includes a Facilitation Guide, a Take it Home Resources Pack and a presentation for the recommended parent/caregiver engagement session as well as 6 action-based lessons that get kids thinking about the virtual world in an empowered way to protect themselves and each other.

SugarByHalf and Filter your Future

Healthy wee, healthy me – Years 3 & 4 HPE 
We all go to the toilet, it’s important for our body’s natural function, but have you ever wondered why our wee changes colour? Students discover a simple way to show if your body has enough water. Students create a helpful colour wheel to use as an indicator of the water in their body. They explore how sugar levels change in the blood and how this is all related to the water we drink.

Upcoming Events

We have aligned resources to upcoming events and awareness days. Take a look below!

Bluey Education Resources

We’re bursting at the seams to announce that we have partnered with Ludo Studio to create a range of Bluey educational resources. Hooray!

We’re bringing you a range of fun-filled resources we know children will eat up, just like a stick of magic asparagus!

Each resource showcases an episode from Bluey and contains all the instructional information, curriculum mapping and strategies needed to bring Bluey to life. Our resources support play-based learning and emotional & social learning via a values framework.

Download these free resources for resources here.

Learn At Home

We’ve now got over 200 [email protected] lessons, half of which are designed for self-directed learning which helps kids develop 21st century skills. There is so much in these lessons, jump in and have a browse! There’s mental health and media consumption, social and emotional learning, creative sustainability, conservation, native bees, economics, bushfires and ecosystems, mindfulness and heads of hands-on activities.

Under the Spotlight
– Roots and Shoots

Roots & Shoots – Investigating Habitats
Lower Primary

Investigate the interconnectedness of animals, people and environment through the context of habitats and biodiversity. 

Roots & Shoots – Focus on Consumption
Upper Primary

How do our needs, wants and behaviours impact our environment? What impact do the choices we make have on the habitat of animals? 

Beyond The Bushfires: New Lessons Launched

Connect kids to nature and inspire hope towards the conservation of species affected by last year’s bushfires. Aid in the conservation effort with these Primary and Secondary lesson plans, which use critical thinking and literacy to connect kids with university research via our partnership with The Conversation.

The Conversation highlights to students and teachers alike the importance of trusted, evidence-based information in understanding the world and making informed decisions. Download the lesson plans here.

New STEAM Resources

This STEAM unit demonstrates how science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics are interrelated and requires students to draw on and develop skills from all areas to complete their projects.

These lessons cover a wide variety of engaging approaches to integrating STEAM into the classroom: from exploring organic gardening and designing their own garden, to learning the basics of computer programming and coding—there’s something for every teacher in this unit!

STEAM Made Simple – Primary
Learning Through Art & Craft – Primary
STEAM Made Simple – Secondary

Full STEAM Ahead!

Not sure where to start when integrating STEAM into your classroom? We have a great range of STEM courses below that can help get you up and running. All of our 2 hour courses are $39.95 and can be completed at your own pace.

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