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Author: ABC
Source: ABC News
Date: 27 August, 2013

South Australia’s Conservation Council says a record amount of wind energy generated in southern Australia last week demonstrates the need for more investment in renewable technology.

In recent wild weather, wind turbines produced almost half of South Australia’s electricity, while 10 per cent of Victoria’s energy was delivered by wind farms.

The Clean Energy Council says wind farms powered the equivalent of 2.3 million homes nationwide.

Conservation council chief executive Tim Kelly says South Australia is on track to achieve its 2020 renewable energy target of 33 per cent.

Mr Kelly says wind farms are a proven power source and the recent result should prompt more ambitious renewable energy targets.

“South Australia can make electricity when the wind blows. We can also make electricity when the sun shines and we can also expand in hot rocks and other renewable supplies but we’ve got so much wind electricity established now that during these periods at this time of the year in particular we’re generating lots of wind power,” he said.

“Where will the next 30 per cent of renewable electricity come from in South Australia by say 2030?

“That’s going to take a different thinking where we connect to the great wind resources on Eyre Peninsula and we’ve also got these great solar resources and projects like the Repower Port Augusta large-scale concentrated solar thermal power plant.”

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