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Most major activities in our society have a presence on the internet with a dedicated home page. As you probably often use the internet, you are well placed to be excellent critics of what makes a good or poor website. In this activity, you will be required to evaluate how well a website works for the intended user and make recommendations for its improvement.

Task One: Choose a website that relates to water consumption (or water treatment including waste water).

These can include:

  • Water retailers who bill homes, schools, and industry.
  • Water suppliers who supply the water to retailers.
  • Water suppliers for agriculture including irrigation.
  • Government bodies responsible for managing water resources including the storage of water and the distribution for home, industry and agricultural uses.
  • Conservation organisations lobbying for responsible water management.
  • Conservation organisations focused on healthy waterways.
  • Government organisations responsible for waterway management.

Task Two: Evaluate how well your chosen website works for the intended users by answering the following questions:

Who is the intended audience? 

Does the website provide information that is clear and easy to understand? 

Is the website easy to navigate? 

Is the website visually interesting and engaging? 

Does the website contain promotional material? Is this necessary or not?

Does the website address current water issues and solutions for these?

Is it easy to find contact details for the organisation?

Are there any other obvious positive or negative aspects of the website?

Task Three: Identify different ways in which the website may be improved by answering the following questions:

How could the navigation of the website be improved?

How could the website be made more interesting?

How could the website can be improved so people learn more about water conservation practices?

What other changes would you like to see on the website?


Task Four: Based on your answers from tasks two and three, compose an e-mail with your recommendations for improvement to send to the organisation whose website you have evaluated.