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Your task is to create a presentation that explains Australia’s water future, including what you believe are the most appropriate solutions to various water resource issues. Upon completion, you will need to present your findings to the class or another audience as chosen by your teacher.

Task One: This may be completed as a class or individually. Use the table below to identify the various water issues that may affect Australia in the future. Identify the main water issues in the left hand column and the effects of these water issues in the right hand column. 




Australia is a country that experiences many water issues and is expected to continue to do so into the future.


Task Two: Form a group of 3-4 students and develop a presentation that discusses all or some of Australia's future water issues that you identified in Task One. You may wish to present your information in the form of a PowerPoint, Prezi, poster etc.

Ensure that you address the following questions within your presentation. You may wish to answer the questions in the spaces provided below before you begin creating your presentation. 

1. What will happen to water resources in the future? How will they be impacted by climate change and drought?

2. How can we balance the needs of the environment, agriculture, our homes, community and industry?

3. What do you recommend? How can we make better use of our water resources? How can we both protect our environment and agriculture?