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light-bulb-photoframeReflection questions

Complete the following questions independently.

Project reflection questions

1. How does our project help to reduce the amount of energy our school uses?

2. What impact did our project have?

3. Was our project a success? Why or why not?

4. What did I learn during the implementation of our project?

5. What parts of the project were the most successful and why?

6. What parts of the project were the least successful and why? How would we improve these parts?

7. How would we improve the project overall?

8. What challenges did we face and how did we overcome them?

9. How could we extend our project?

10. Does our project have a legacy?


Self reflection questions

1. What did I learn about using less energy at our school or in our classroom?

2. How did I work in the group?

3. What would I do differently next time?

4. What was the best part of working on this project and why?

5. What was the worst part and why?

6. What impact did I have?

7. What am I most proud of?

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