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Teacher preparation


Use a search feature such as Google and select 'Images'.

Ask students to type ‘energy saving’ into the search engine or do it on an electronic smartboard.

Go though the images and identify which images students think are symbols. What do symbols represent? Can the symbol explain what it is trying to say?

Discuss what is meant by a symbol. A simple explanation is to have a simple drawing that communicates a message without any writing.

Now type ‘energy rating’ into the search engine.

  • How has the change of the word from 'saving' to 'rating' changed the images?
  • Which images can students identify?
  • Where would they find them?

Allow students to investigate to find out what they mean. After a few minutes allow students to share their findings.


Ask student to think of an energy efficient product. They can get help by typing ‘energy efficient product’ into an image search engine.

Ask students to design a simple symbol or rating for the product.