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Teacher preparation

In this activity students will:

1. Create a communication tool that explains Australia’s water future and what they believe are the most appropriate solutions.

2. Use their communication tool as part of a presentation to their class or another audience. 

Part 1: As a class or individually, identify and show links between water issues that will affect Australia in the future. Include the high demand for water across Australia, the frequent droughts and the possible impact of climate change on managing water resources. Task One on the Student Worksheet may be filled out by students in order to complete this part.

Part 2: Discuss who students will be presenting the communication tools to (this may be the class, student body, staff faculty members or any other group that the teacher chooses).

Divide students into groups of 3-4 and allow them to chose an appropriate communication tool that they wish to use as part of a presentation. This may be a computer program, a poster, etc. 

Part 3: Provide students with time to research and organise their ideas in relation to Australia's water issues. Encourage students to use the Student Worksheet in order to ensure that they address the following three questions in their communication presentation:

  1. What will happen to water resources in the future? How will they be impacted by climate change and drought?
  2. How can we balance the needs of our environment, agriculture, our homes, community and industry?
  3. What do you recommend? How can we make better use of our water resources? How can we both protect our environment and agriculture?

If students are presenting to their class, consider inviting students to complete a copy of the Presentation Rubric - Years 9 & 10 for each presenting group as part of the task.