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Teacher preparation

Storyboards are used in the film industry to show how a sequence of filming will tell a story.

Students are to use a storyboard to tell a story about a famous photographer stalking a famous animal and eventually getting (or not getting) a photo.

Students must have at least five frames in their story board but no more than ten.

In each frame, the student produces a sketch. Below the frame they write one sentence describing what is happening in the sketch. 

Things for students to consider:

  1. Which animal is being stalked.
  2. Where the animal lives.
  3. What kind of habitat it lives in.
  4. If there will be some kind of adventure occurring while stalking.

Give students only ten to fifteen minutes to complete the task, so they need to begin working quickly. (Give them a countdown so they feel they are under pressure, otherwise their sketches might take up too much time.) 

Once completed, ask students to form small groups and explain their storyboards in their group. Mix up the students into new groups so they can share their work with more students.