Foundation for Young Australians LogoDeveloped in partnership with the Foundation for Young Australians, this set of lessons offers your students a chance to apply their language and literacy skills in a meaningful way. While learning about the world of work, your students will speak, listen, read and write for a variety of purposes. This real world application of English skills and knowledge will engage even the most recalcitrant of English students. Your class will explore the inquiry question “what does it take to succeed in life and work?”, and in doing so, grow their skills and confidence in a variety of English content descriptors of the Australian Curriculum.


WOW will help students to:

  • Better understand themselves – their likes, dislikes, passions and goals and connect them to their future.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of transferable enterprise/21st century skills, and reflect on how to build them throughout their school life.
  • Make connections between what they’re doing in school now and future trends in the workplace.
  • Grasp the value of community networks in helping to navigate opportunities relating to personal growth, as well as as a source of information about careers and pathways.


The free-to-access lessons below feature:


  • Engaging and funny videos to introduce lesson content
  • Printable lesson resources
  • Step-by-step instructions about how to engage students in the learning activities
  • Student-centred learning activities
  • Information and assets that explore the realities of the future of work
  • Action-based learning activities
  • Links to real-world websites to further explore career options and other related information
  • Interactive and/or printable worksheets
  • Suggestions for meaningful parental and community engagement
  • Structured discussion activities



Enterprise Skills covered in this unit: Communication Skills Icon

Communication skills

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Digital literacy

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Presentation skills

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